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Information Security

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Hacking & Security

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Resources & Development

Research and development has been defined by the OECD as "systematically continuing in systems where knowledge is available, and is here to work and create new knowledge of this knowledge".

Pentest Training

Penetration testing is an authorized representative cyber attack on a computer system to assess the security of the system.

Current Vulnerability

In computer security, a vulnerability is a weakness which can be exploited by a threat actor, such as an attacker, to perform unauthorized actions within a computer system.

Hacking Tools

You can find all the tools and articles prepared by the fearless heroes of the Virtual World and the underground world in detail below.

About Us

You can read everything about the fearless heroes of the Virtual World and the underworld.

Who We Are ?

Cyber Demons, which are active in Turkey in 2015 as a forum Hacker been launched with the slogan Devils Virtual Worlds. Cyber Demons, with its specially selected team and its members, wrestles with both Turkish and foreign Hack sites at random.

What we have done ?

Established in 2015, Cyber Demons, which has done great work in a short period of time, has managed to become one of the top 50 in zone-h.org and mirror-h.org with the Offensive Team.

We are neutral

Cyber Demons' actions are not intended to protect anyone or to intentionally attack someone. With the principle of randomness, it is known as a Hack group with whom it is not clear what to do.

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